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Company: Zagreb Holding Ltd. - Subsidiary Zagreb Markets

Subsidiary Manager:  Božena Cvitanović

Subsidiary Zagreb Markets is one of Zagreb Holding’s 23 subsidiaries. It operates in 28 locations (markets) and has approximately 2,500 clients renting retail spaces and commercial properties.

Zagreb Markets were established in 1930, the same year that Zagreb’s central market Dolac, often nicknamed “The Belly of the City”, was built and put in operation. Governance models and legal forms of Zagreb Markets changed throughout 80 years of its existence and uninterrupted activity. In 2007, the Markets became part of Zagreb Holding Ltd. Subsidiary Zagreb Markets comprises wholesale and retail markets.

Services provided by the Zagreb Holding are grouped into three categories:

1. Utility services
2. Transport services
3. Commercial activities
Zagreb Markets are in the category of utility and commercial services.
Organisation of the sale of locally grown food in open spaces (”Green Surfaces”) in 22 locations in all city districts, to the satisfaction of many of our fellow citizens and hospitality business operators, is the core business of Zagreb Markets.
In addition to its core business, the Markets also offer fresh and processed fruit and vegetable storage services to wholesalers and individual produces, and services of handling and storage of deep-frozen products of plant and animal origin. Its business is conducted in the facilities on Slavonska avenija, where the following amenities are available:

1. Wholesale Market Sector
2. Cold Storage Sector

The Wholesale Market Sector manages and lets storage and commercial properties and organises produce sales.
Due to the specific nature of its business, the Sector is equipped with a weighbridge and has four weighers on call over a 24-hour period. The following amenities are spread over a 19.462 m² area:
1. Air-conditioned space
2. Showroom and retail spaces
3. Loading area
4. Offices
5. Cold storage

Parking spaces within our premises, which bring extra revenue.
Our 6,000 m² cold storage offers the services of produce storage at temperatures 0-8°C and at temperatures up to -18°C, as well as deep-freezing in the tunnels.
The room temperature storage is housed in the so-called old wholesale market and comprises a ground floor and a basement. Both food products and non-food products are stored there. The ground floor has a surface area of 4600 m², including Storage East, where various food industry products and beverages are stored. The basement has a surface area of 3713 m2.
Considering that Subsidiary Zagreb Markets operates out in the open and is in direct contact with the local community, special attention is paid to the collection, recycling and disposal of biological and packaging waste.
We strive to maintain a high level of service quality in all segments of our operations to the benefit of our employees and the local community that we operate in.

We aligned our operations with nationally and internationally recognised standards, implementing EN ISO 9001:2008 and CODEX ALIMENTARIUS certified food quality and safety system in accordance with the TUV NORD CERT procedures. Our operations follow good production practices and all food regulations, ensuring the highest standards in food operations, and striving to make traditional Croatian village products safely available at our markets. We do our best to maintain the recognisable touch of the Zagreb Markets that keeps alive the traditional healthy and safe food culture, in which we are always guided by our motto:

Commercial operations of the Subsidiary Zagreb Markets take place in a number of shops, boxes, booths and stands outside of the green surface that represent a separate area of the markets where meat and meat products, milk and dairy products, fish and fish products, eggs, bread and non-food products are sold.
Through its utility and commercial services, the Subsidiary Zagreb Markets contributes to the standard of living of the citizens, and by continually working on improving the quality of its services, it contributes to the strength of Zagreb Holding, whose broad spectrum of activities ensures Zagreb’s place among European capitals.